Queens Hotel, Cliftonville, KENT

This isn't the full entertainment team, but it does feature quite a few of the Redcoats.


Butlins Margate 1955 Eileen 1 on Redcoats Reunited

Butlins Margate 1955 Eileen 2 on Redcoats Reunited

Butlins Margate 1955 Eileen 3 on Redcoats Reunited
Looking equally at home as a pillion passenger on a motorbike, or riding a scooter.

These photos were sent in after being found in a scrapbook, which had been thrown away. I didn't know then whose photos they were, or in what year they were taken, and posted on Butlins Redcoats Reunited Facebook page to ask for information about the pretty lady in the photos, to contact me. Imagine my delight therefore, when I received the following email:

Thank you for the compliment, I am that 'pretty girl' Eileen (Billows), Redcoat in those photo.
Would love to hear from anyone from those happy days.
Eileen Leisk
Eileen then sent us more photos of her fabulous times as a Redcoat, at Butlins Cliftonville Margate Hotels. And here they are for you to enjoy.

Butlins Margate 1956 Redcoat group
1 Mike Grogan with Band members 19 Eric, 20 Hayes MD, Bert 21 Lennie and 23 Benny,
  2 Dickie, 3 Lydia, 4 Norman, 5 Joan, 6 Kaye, 7 Jimmy Noon, 8 Linda Noon, 9 Shirley, 10 John, 11 Gari, 12 Tony
    13 Big Mac, 14 Ricky, 15 Bob, 16 Eileen Billows, 17 Terry Herbert, 18 Doreen

Friday night Farewell and Au Revoir - 1956
Eileen Billows, Mike, Jill, Ronnie Hunter, Doreen, Terry Herbert,

Butlins Margate 1956 Reds on Green 1
Butlins Margate 1956 Reds on Green 2
1 Geri, 2 Shirley, 3 Eileen,
4 John, 5 Ricky, 6 Tim

1 Shirley 2Geri, 3 Eileen,
4 John, 5 Ricky, 6 Tim

Butlins Margate 1955 Eileen 6 on Redcoats Reunited

Uncle Terry Herbert keeping the kids well-entertained


Butlins Margate 1955 Eileen 7 on Redcoats Reunited

Butlins Margate 1955 Eileen 8 on Redcoats Reunited

We have only been able to identify KIM, the lady in the white coat (top) left.
So maybe the other people are her family, who have come to visit her.

Butlins Margate 1955 Eileen 9 on Redcoats Reunited

Butlins Margate 1955 Eileen 10 on Redcoats Reunited

We are sincerely grateful to the photographers who took these pictures, and preserved them as
windows to the past, and to FRASER DONACHIE who found them, and sent them in.

Are you in this photo? Or do you know any of the missing names?
Would you like to share your Butlins Redcoat photos with this site?
Then send an email with your contact details to:
A.J Marriot, at Redcoats Reunited, using the link below left:

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