I well-remember the scenic display in the Beachcomber Bar at Butlins Skegness, during the many times I visited there during my 1973 and 74 seasons as a Redcoat.

Every 15 minutes there would be a tropical storm, with thunder, lightning, a volcano erupting, and a torrential downpour, which caused the crocodiles to move.

This prompted me to research which other camps had a similar display, and so here are the results of my findings. Enjoy!

Happy Days. “A.J” Marriot – web-host.


BUTLINS SKEGNESS - Beachcomber Bar 1964
Includes the Tropical Storm in action (at 2.20mins.)


In the postcard at left, note the stage in the middle of the picture,  and a band playing.

And in the picture above, the stage and band have been photographed from a different part of the bar.

BUTLINS BARRY ISLAND had a Beachcomber Bar when it opened but,
sadly, it was destroyed by fire within two years, and never rebuilt.


Kevin Stuart Copeland tells us:
Bognor Beachcomber was relatively small, located at one end of the reception building, under the admin' offices, and only seated around 300 guests. Midnight Cabaret was held there, but it closed for good after the 1974 season and was then used as a storeroom for Donkey Derby, It's a Knockout, and any other outdoor props. Midnight Cabaret was then moved to the Pig & Whistle, which seated around 900.


The Tropical Storm scene in the bar area
The stage, with a group playing for customers in the restaurant.



No Beachcomber Bar at Clacton. Their compromise was the South Sea(s) Bar.
No Tropical Storm. Instead, you could watch the swimmers, through the poolside windows.

We are sincerely grateful to the John Hinde photographers who took these pictures,
and preserved them as windows to the past.

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